Asians Represent! is a Gold ENnie Award winning podcast that celebrates and examines Asian representation in tabletop games and pop culture. We do this by creating conversation, introducing new perspectives to the broader gaming community, and creating spaces for new voices in the industry.

Asians Represent! members speak with compassion and from personal experience. We strive to be inclusive, compassionate, caring, introspective, respectful, empowered, conversational, and educational.

The Team

Daniel Kwan (Chief Creative Officer) is a cultural consultant, game designer, and education professional. You might know him from his independent design work (Wicked Congregation and Ross Rifles) and work with companies like Simon & Shuster (The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book) and Wizards of the Coast (Candlekeep Mysteries). Daniel is currently working on Chronicles of Spring & Autumn, a Chinese fantasy campaign setting. Committed to using games for education, Daniel is also one of the co-founders of Level Up Gaming, a Toronto-based organization that provides adults with autism and other disabilities opportunities to develop their social skills through group gaming experiences.

Ammar Ijaz (Chief Operations Officer) performs as W'Leed in Dungeons & Da Asians, our all-Asian fantasy actual play. Hosting our monthly Critical Read: Al-Qadim video series has given him an appreciation for the importance of proper representation in tabletop game design and media. Toronto is home, because no place is.

Agatha Cheng (Chief Community Officer) burst into the RPG scene in early 2015 armed solely with the knowledge that gnomes are a fantasy race and apparently so are bards. She has since waded deep into the world of story games and LARPs, but still maintains the wide-eyed enthusiasm of that long ago first session. When not obsessively dissecting pop culture and media, she has a particular fondness for sad games, romance RPGs, and Chinese wuxia dramas.

Jayd Matyas (Chief Partnerships Officer) is a game designer and storyteller with a background in industrial design and wearable tech. She currently lives in London, England where she works at Google DeepMind designing games for AI research. Committed to creating spaces for the empowerment and amplification of marginalized voices, Jayd is also a Co-Director of the feminist video game arts organization Dames Making Games and a speaker and performer with the taiko drumming collective Raging Asian Women. She loves building alternative controllers, ethnomusicology, and consuming audio books en masse.


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The podcast

Asians Represent! is here to celebrate and examine Asian representation
in tabletop games and pop culture. We do this by creating conversation,
introducing new perspectives to the broader gaming community, and creating
spaces for new voices in the industry.

The Asians Represent! Podcast is streamed live on Twitch on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at 7:00 pm EST. Episodes at uploaded to YouTube the following Monday! Our extended audio feed is exclusive to Patreon Supporters.

Follow Dong-Feng the crustacean sky soldier, W’Leed the wandering bandit, and Ning the Youxia as they navigate the intrigue, mystery, and dangerous magic in the kingdom of Xia! Dungeons & Da Asians is available on the Asians Represent podcast feed on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

For health reasons, Dungeons & Da Asians is currently on hiatus.

Streamed series

Asians Represent! variety programming is streamed on a weekly or monthly basis at twitch.tv/aznsrep!

The Wrap Up was streamed every Friday at 7 pm EST on twitch.tv/aznsrep! Join Daniel, Steve, Agatha, and their guests as they review games, highlight creators, and discuss industry discourse!

Series Ended

Critical Read is streamed live at twitch.tv/aznsrep on the third Saturday of the month (noon EST)! Join Ammar and his crew as they read through the AD&D Al-Qadim: Arabian Adventures handbook and provide their critical insight!

On Hiatus

Join Daniel, Emma, Jacky, Michelle, and Austin on the first Saturday of the month at noon EST as they read through the entire AD&D Kara-Tur campaign setting and provide their critical insight!

Returning in August 2021